Coming Soon: Growing up Trini


Title: Growing up Trini

Genre: Caribbean Short Stories

Publication Date: 2025

Description: An ode to both childhood and all of it’s unique experiences, Growing up Trini is a series of short stories designed to capture what life was like (for me and my mother) growing up on the unique and culturally diverse island of Trinidad and Tobago.

Born and bred in Point Fortin, I grew up with all the other children, never once realizing that any of my experiences were unique. It’s only now, years later that I look back on them that I can truly appreciate how lucky I was to have been born into such an amazing “melting pot” culture.

From school life to home life, and everything in between, join me as I take you on a unique journey that is comprised of moments that are both ordinary and extraordinary, and see for yourself what life was like Growing up Trini.