Coming Soon: The Snapshot Series – In another World

thumbsnapshot cover

Title: The Snapshot Series – In another World

Genre: Flash Fiction

Publication Date: TBA

In another World: These flash fiction stories vary in length with some being not much longer than a few sentences. In another World is a look into life in a parallel universe where things can be beautiful, haunting or disturbing. This series is in itself a creative endeavor aimed at bringing to light the endless possibilities that exist within the mind and may very well exist in another world.

About The Snapshot Series: Most stories have a beginning, a middle and an end, and it is the end that is usually definitive. The Snapshot Series, is as its name implies, a snapshot. There is essentially no real resolve and no real ending (or beginning!). Instead readers are invited to peek into the lives of others and to indulge in a momentary glimpse of the characters as they progress through their daily routines. In essence, the character never dies and the story can forever go on for those who want it to.

There is no conflict, climax, resolution progression to most of the stories as one would typically expect to find, however, I would like you, dear reader, to note that the stories are complete and whole both in and of themselves. The characters all breathe life into their own existence, and it is merely us who are afforded the privilege to slip into their shoes for a split second.

That, I think, is the beauty of The Snapshot Series.

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